Why I Didn’t Publicly Claim My Child With BBNaija’s Queen – Lord Lamba

Lord Lamba, the skit maker, explains why he didn’t announce his child with Queen Atang until the ex-Big Brother Naija housemate got engaged to another man.

Lamba has been in the news since Atang unveiled her betrothed, King David.

The reality personality and sketch creator welcomed Princess Keilah on December 25, 2022.

Unlike Atang, who has been parading Keilah online, Lamba shared images of their daughter for the first time on social media after the reality star became engaged to David.

The development generated conflicting comments on social media. Some individuals thought Lamba’s timing was inappropriate because it coincided with Atang’s engagement announcement.

Lamba, born Kelvin Anagbodu, addressed the controversies in a recent Instagram post, revealing that he had kept his daughter off social media to protect her from haters.

The sketch creator stated that because he and Atang are famous characters, he did not want Keilah to become a target of name-calling on social media.

The online comic further stated that he would not have brought his daughter on play dates or attended her birthday party if he did not want to be involved in her life, as is commonly assumed.

“First of all God knows I sincerely don’t want my child’s face on social media because I don’t want her to get trolled and yes I have the right to do that I am her Father,” he wrote.

“I see comments of people saying I don’t want to be in my kid’s life if I didnt want to claim my child publicly. I wouldn’t have been at her birthday party, I wouldn’t have taken her out for play date, but anyways my interest is my daughter and I will do anything to protect her, my self and her mom are public figures, but she is only a minor.

“I have the right to decide to allow my child grow and decide if she wants to be on social media or not. The fact I have seen children trolled and called names on social media probably because parents are public figures. Me spending time with my child in public (real life) makes more sense to me than social media. My child is not a clickbait or my craft.”


Lamba had previously petitioned for custody of Keilah, claiming that Atang’s impending marriage would limit her ability to completely care for their daughter.

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