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10 Nigerian CEOs of EdTech Startups Who Have Raised Over $100K in Funding

In Nigeria, a country primed to capitalize on a thriving e-learning sector predicted to reach $107.90 million by 2024, a group of innovative leaders is making noise. Despite the challenges of underfunded urban schools and resource-constrained rural education systems, these tenacious CEOs have not only navigated these turbulent waters, but also managed to attract significant investments of more than $100,000 each, demonstrating a strong vote of confidence from global investors.

These entrepreneurs are at the forefront of a disruptive educational movement dedicated to provide fair educational opportunities for all demographics. Here are some of the CEOs who are leading this transition.

1. Sim Shagaya – CEO of uLesson

Sim Shagaya’s leadership at uLesson personifies the possibilities of digital education in Africa. Shagaya, who founded and E-Motion Advertising, has launched his latest company, uLesson, which incorporates an affordable digital curriculum via SD cards, making learning accessible to students across the continent. Under his leadership, uLesson raised a record $25.6 million in fundraising, making it the largest investment in an African EdTech company to date.

2. Adewale Yusuf, CEO, AltSchool Africa

Adewale Yusuf, CEO of AltSchool Africa, is transforming the technological education sector. Yusuf’s AltSchool Africa, founded on tech entrepreneurship, today serves 60,000 students around the world, emphasizing affordable and accessible technology education. The startup’s excellent $4 million in funding demonstrates its impact and Yusuf’s key position in educational innovation.

3. Honey Ogundeyi – CEO of Edukoya

Honey Ogundeyi’s Edukoya provides African students with digital tools and real-time educational support. Edukoya, founded in 2021, soon established itself by raising $3.5 million in pre-seed funding, the most for an African EdTech platform at the time. Ogundeyi’s prior experiences, which included leadership positions at Kuda and the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, surely influenced her dynamic approach to teaching.

4. Ope Bukola – CEO of Kibo School

Kibo School, founded by Ope Bukola, is reimagining online STEM education for the future. Bukola, who previously worked at Google Classroom and Zeta Charter Schools, envisions Kibo providing accessible, high-quality digital education, culminating in a $2.4 million financing achievement that promises to alter tech education in Africa.

5. Osayi Izedonmwen, CEO, Teesas

Teesas’ founder, Osayi Izedonmwen, provides instructional information to African youngsters in native languages. With a solid track record in mobile technology and oil and gas, Izedonmwen’s shift to education through Teesas has raised $1.6 million in pre-seed money, demonstrating his dedication to educational excellence and innovation.

6. Nathan Nwachukwu – CEO of Klas

Nathan Nwachukwu, CEO of Klas, is a young entrepreneur who has made substantial contributions to the EdTech field. Since dropping out of Carleton University, Nwachukwu has focused his efforts on Klas, a platform for developing and selling instructional content. His imaginative leadership has secured $1.36 million in financing, highlighting his impact on digital education.

7. Sam Emmanuel – CEO of Semicolon

Semicolon Africa’s CEO, Sam Emmanuel, is dedicated to bridging the education-to-employment divide through technologically advanced training. His previous expertise in sales and management at multinational corporations such as Oracle and SAP informs his approach to developing a sustainable learning paradigm. Semicolon’s recent $1.2 million investment round demonstrates its expanding influence under Emmanuel’s leadership.

8. Dimeji Falana – CEO of EDVES

Dimeji Falana’s EDVES uses technology to reshape school management. Falana, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, has developed an innovative platform that addresses administrative and academic processes, allowing for better educational delivery. With $766,500 in seed funding, EDVES is poised to improve educational accessibility and efficiency.

9. Eyitayo Ogunmola – CEO of Utiva

Eyitayo Ogunmola’s Utiva equips people with sophisticated technical abilities, preparing them for new tech careers. Ogunmola’s skills and partnerships helped Utiva achieve $500,000 in funding, allowing for expansion and the development of new programs geared to the demands of the tech industry.

10. Ugochukwu Nkwocha, CEO, 9jacodekids

Ugochukwu Nkwocha’s 9jacodekids program inspires the next generation of computer visionaries. As CEO, his skills in engineering and network administration has helped the company become a top provider of coding and robotics education. With a $350,000 investment, 9jacodekids continues to grow its impacting educational programs.

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