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American-Nigerian Billionaire Sam Darwish’s Stake in IHS Surges Above $70 Million

Sam Darwish, an American-Nigerian telecom billionaire and co-founder of IHS Holdings, has seen a large increase in his ownership in IHS Holdings in recent years, owing to the rise in the telecom infrastructure firm’s share price.

Darwish’s position in IHS Holdings has increased dramatically in the last 18 days, increasing by $10.33 million. The strong rise in the share price of the major telecom company on the New York Stock Exchange can be linked to this increase. As a result, the market value of Darwish’s share in the business has surpassed $700 million.

Darwish, a significant participant in the African telecom industry, launched IHS Holding in 2001. IHS Holding has established itself as a key player in the telecom infrastructure sector, with active operations in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

In terms of tower count, the company is also the third-largest independent multinational tower company in the world. IHS Towers now operates approximately 39,000 towers in 11 markets, including Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Kuwait, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zambia.

IHS shares on the New York Stock Exchange have recently increased 10.74 percent, jumping from $4.75 on Oct. 27 to $5.49 at the time of writing this story. The company’s market capitalization has risen above $1.7 billion, confirming its strong position in the telecom infrastructure sector.

Darwish, a prominent person in the global telecom industry, owns a sizable 4.17 percent investment in IHS Holdings, which equates to 13,958,158 shares in the company.

The market value of his interest in IHS Holdings has climbed by $10.33 million, rising from $66.3 million on Oct. 27 to $76.63 million at the time of writing this piece, according to data recorded by Billionaires.Africa.

Darwish’s recent expansion in stakes in the telecom infrastructure firm underlines his position as a leading participant in the global telecom industry.

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