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Did you know actor Mofe Duncan dated Stella Damascus? (SEE OTHER DETAILS)

Popular Nollywood actor Mofe Duncan, his full names is Josbert Thomas Kwamina Eyimofe Duncan.

The ‘Taste of Love‘ actor was once allegedly in a romantic relationship with Stella Damasus

The actor takes to his Instagram page to reveal 20 things about him most people dont know.

  1. I’m an Itshekiri man born in Lagos, May 28th, 1983 (proud #Gemini ).
  2. I’m the last of 7 kids from my Father (that I know of).
  3. Spanish, Italian or French? I’d always go for Spanish (Te amo mi amor, te amo ).
  4. I love to cook. (If it’s spicy, it can never be too pricy).
  5. I’m a huge feminist (I have 5 sisters, can’t blame me ).
  6. I’d rather stay home and bond with Ba’e or my best buds, than go clubbing (except we all going together ).
  7. I’m a Roman Catholic. (In nomine Patris, et fillii et Spiritus Sancti).
  8. I’m allergic to grass (otherwise known as Hay Fever).
  9. I’m a huge… h u g e… HUGE Superman fan (if Lizzy would allow me, I’d call my 1st son Kal El )
  10. Horror & Thrillers intrigue me (the villains are sooo meticulous )
  11. R Kelly is my all time favorite musician (There’s music, and there’s R Kelly’s music )
  12. Favorite Color: Red Car: BMW Designer: Ralph Lauren Perfume: Bvlgari
  13. Had a crush on Drew Barrymore growing up (don’t ask!).
  14. I’m artistic. (I once drew an entire comic book page for page).
  15. I’m very optimistic and believe there’s always good in every situation (wait for it… )
  16. I read horoscopes (mostly when I’m having shitty day)
  17. Never been afraid of the dark till I watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” (shit! Certainly sleeping with the lights on tonight. ).
  18. I love making people laugh (it’s my own contribution to humanity ).
  19. Acting is what I do for fun, writing I do as a hobby, teaching I do cause I can’t help it)
  20. Best Friends: Matilda Duncan , Bryan Okwara and  of course my lovely Lizzy Scott (love u guys. All Day Everyday )

There… hope you all understand a little more about why I do what I do.

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