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Eating Bread Can Be More Fascinating With These 6 Delicious Food Made From It


Bread is one of the most common staple food that is widely consumed in Nigeria. It can be easily found almost anywhere in the country.

Bread is mostly made from wheat flour and can be used to make several meals.

Bread doesn’t have to be boring or lame by trying out these bread recipes that are delicious and healthy.

1.Coconut Bread

Coconut Bread is a new recipe that’s divine- yes! That is like the best adjective that qualifies it and we think you should try it. Contrary to what you think, it is cost effective and a great way to step up your cuisine.

2.Sardine Bread

For those of you who love fish sandwiches, bread and sardine with all its juices, then you would love this bread.

Sardine bread gives you a two in one feel, it’s a bread but with sardine in it! Now You can get all the feel in one.

3.Banana Bread

Banana bread is one food that can help eating bread more interesting. The beauty in Banana bread can not be described  except you try it out for yourself.

Banana bread tastes heavenly and it is not as difficult to make  as some people think. This is the simplest recipe you will find on Banana bread.

4.Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding is another delicious way of eating bread in another form. If you have leftover bread at home, this is the perfect snack to make with it.

5.Braided Egg Bread

This sounds new to many people but it’s one delicious meal that’s diificult forget. If you have never tried this recipe, now is the right time to get busy.

This recipe is perfect for family, single ladies and what have you. Lunch, dinner, breakfast? You are good to go.

6.Plantain Bread

This is another delicious recipe you shoukld try out this season. There’s more to bread than just the regular meal you can make at home.


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