Founder of Financial Literacy Nonprofit Gifts $40K in Stocks and Books to Young Black Children

Prince Dykes and Chadrick Davis, co-founders of the Global Children’s Financial Literacy Foundation (GCFLF) and Navy veterans, have developed a kid’s book club that rewards $40,000 in stocks and books. GCFL Co-founders’ next initiative push focuses on the development of practical financial habits beginning in early life.

The book club program encourages children to read financial novels that will help develop and deepen their investment acumen. It is based on the Wesley Learns children’s financial literacy book series, which was created by Prince Dykes to teach his son Wesley. The following are the results of a survey conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Participants are given the possibility to obtain stock options upon completion of the program.

This non-profit group works tirelessly to educate youngsters and aggressively campaigns for financial literacy solutions. “We think that everyone should invest in children at the earliest possible age in order to get the most from the power of compound interest,” said GCFL Founder Prince Dykes. Dykes maintains that “children are the future of our planet, and they must be exposed to investment, credit, and insurance as soon as feasible.”

GCFL identifies disparities among military and marginalized populations by offering a book club that addresses economic disparities and increasing inflation in the United States. The Creators acknowledge that many underserved areas lack investment knowledge and tools. Dykes and Davis used tangible items to reduce inequality in financial education and economics. The Wesley Learns program is offered throughout the United States.


GCFLF regularly attends financial literacy conferences, workshops, and seminars designed to teach children the importance of saving, budgeting, credit, and investing. They collaborate with community stakeholders, such as schools, parents, local businesses, and youth organizations, to help bring a dramatic improvement in the grassroots across America.

Global Children’s Financial Literacy Foundation thanks its organization sponsorships such as Mawer Investment Management Ltd ($10,000 Canadian dollars); Executive Leadership Council ($10,000); Sam Austin ($10,000 worth of stocks) and Marcel Erin who matched donations up to $10,000 in the inaugural Wesley Learn Book Club drive.


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