Katsina Tech Innovator Revolutionizes Radio Broadcasting Using Gistoneer App

In the ever-changing world of technology, 31-year-old northern innovator Aliyu Aminu is paving the way for a new era of possibilities.

Aminu, a talented software developer from Katsina State who now lives in the Tukur-Tukur area of Zaria Local Government Area, Kaduna State, recently created an application that is set to transform the way radio stations, preachers, and other content creators across Africa share their programs with their audiences.

According to report, the Gistoneer software enables users to share mp3-format programs after they have aired, preventing viewers from missing their favorite episodes.

Aminu spoke with Arewa PUNCH shortly after a presentation in Kaduna, outlining the primary characteristics of Gistoneer and how it might benefit diverse users.

“Not only can Radio Stations and preachers use the app to distribute their programs, but artists can also utilize it to sell exclusive content and interact with their fans,” he went on to say.

He stated that the App allows all users to share their favorite photographs, audios, and videos, make playlists, and interact with friends and family.

“The App is a game-changing application that empowers content creators, artists, and everyday users to connect with their audience in new and innovative ways,” he said.

Gistoneer is poised to transform the African and global digital content environment by integrating user-friendly features with monetization potential.

Gistoneer is more than simply a platform for sharing material; it is a catalyst for success and growth in the digital era, thanks to the Creator Funds Dashboard, which provides creators with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to earn revenue.

He went on to explain that GISTONEER provides features like as mp3, mp4, image sharing, and real-time messaging. However, the emphasis is on free mp3, mp4, and image sharing social networking services, with the intention of expanding the services beyond music.

Aminu mentioned that one of the most appealing parts of Gistoneer is the Creator Fund, which pays users who have created a large following.

He emphasized, “If an account reaches 10,000 followers and their work receives 100,000 views in the previous 30 days, the Creator Funds Dashboard is activated for them.

“This dashboard allows users to earn money from their Gistoneer material, creating a possible revenue stream for content providers.

“The Creator Fund within Gistoneer provides users with a one-of-a-kind option to monetize their material and capitalise on their increasing popularity.

“The revenue generated by the Creator Fund is calculated depending on the frequency of Gistoneer material and may differ from user to user. “This encourages users to consistently upload engaging and valuable content in order to attract followers and increase their earning potential,” he said.

Aminu further mentioned that Gistoneer allows users to post mp3-format files of their shows after they have aired them for their fans to listen to or download later. This ensures that fans may always stay connected to their favourite shows and content, even if they were unable to watch during the first broadcast.

He revealed that consumers may access and enjoy a vast range of content with just a few clicks, including radio shows and exclusive artist releases.

“What distinguishes Gistoneer is the chance it offers content creators to reach a larger audience and perhaps monetize their work. Artists can use the site to sell unique content and attract new fans, as well as share free stuff with their existing following.

“This tool not only improves the artist-fan relationship but also provides additional cash opportunities for creators.

Furthermore, Gistoneer is not restricted to professional content makers.

“Everyday users can also utilize the platform to share their favorite photographs, audios, and movies with their friends and family. Aminu stated that the app contains capabilities such as playlist creation and communicating with loved ones, making it a versatile tool for both personal and social use.



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