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John Chinedu Also known as Chisquo is a 22yrs old Artiste and graphic Designer. He hails from Umuaka, Imo State, Nigeria. His secondary school Education was at Ibadan Boys High School, He graduated in 2007 and proceeded to the Polytechnic of Ibadan in 2012.



This is Jetheights Services; we are an IT Solutions, Advertisement and Human Resource company, currently operating in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. We currently own and effectively run more than 16 websites which are fully operational and gaining massive momentum. Now, this is Stars connect Studio which is a subsidiary of Jet heights services, StarsConnect network is a programme that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, inspirational speakers, pastors, and leaders in the society, upcoming artistes, NGOs, people giving back to the society and the world at large.

We conduct interview sessions in our studio to find out everything we can about their journey to stardom, we hope to bring together stars who can be of benefit to one another or who can synergize with Jetheights in other to impact the community. By doing this we can reach out to everyone in the society especially the youth in order for them to make good use of their youthfulness and channel their energy towards positive and productivity activities. Once again welcome to StarsConnect Studio.

Chisquo: Thank you

Can you please introduce yourself to us?


Chisquo and the CEO of Jetheights Services, Mr Ayo Alex Alao

Chisquo: My Name is John Chinedu, I’m from Imo state, and I’m a reserved person.

What is your personality?

Chisquo:  I’m just me and I’m cool with everyone

You are an artiste, and you are also a graphic designer, how do you combine both?

Chisquo: I started the graphic design before the music; I started my career as a musician in 2010 and there’s no big deal in managing both. I manage my time well.

What exactly do you hope to achieve in your music career, and graphic design?

Chisquo: I want to have impact in other peoples live through music and try to be successful. I do the graphic design to fetch me more money.

What kind of music do you do?

Chisquo: I do hip hop and RnB.


What are your challenges so far, based on your career?

Chisquo: The financial aspect has been challenging.

What’s your future plan for your career?

Chisquo: I want to make it big in the musical industry, though I’m taking it step by step.

Any ongoing project?

Chisquo: Working on a single track with Jarule

How do you relate with your fans when you come across them?

Chisquo: I relate well with them like any other person. I could be shy sometimes though.

What’s your family Interest concerning your career?

Chisquo: The truth about this is that, my parents don’t really know about this especially my Dad, but my siblings do and they are okay with it.

Which musician do you admire the most?

Chisquo: I admire Olamide.

What are your greatest achievements?

Chisquo: So far, is getting the award for the best graphic designer in Ibadan.

What’s your advice for people that look up to you?

Chisquo: My advice to them is, they should be a goal getter, anything you have set your mind for, always work towards it and be humble.

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