Nigeria Movie Director, Kunle Afolayan Shows Off Impressive New Mansion

Movie Director, Kunle Afolayan has shown off his new home, a mansion, and advised Nigerians to work hard so that they can build theirs.

1He shared a video of his new house and wrote: “Hmmmm! Some people may see this as show off but the wise will see beyond the surface . My main motive of putting this video out is firstly, To appreciate the goodness of God in my life but majorly to use it as a medium to minister and encourage every hardworking Nigerian out there that if you put your mind to what you believe in, be realistic in your approach and deal with people with one mind then you are surely not far from your goal and you surely will get there even though it may take time.

“The dream of an average Nigerian in entertainment industry is to live like the well to do American artist (Beverly hills). Let us all work towards building our own Beverly hills in Nigeria. I say thank you to God and all you fans out there for your tremendous support thus far and I pray and wish everyone of us our heart desires. I desired this and I got it, surely you can too. Ire’’.

2Kunle Afolayan, who he has been active in the Nigerian film industry since 2005, has made several extremely popular titles including: ‘The Figurine: Araromire’, which was done in Yoruba and English languages, ‘Phone Swap’, which featured Nse Ikpe Etim and the legendary, Chika Okpala.

The Figurine won five major awards at the African Films Academy Awards and experienced tremendous success in the Nigerian theaters.

watch video:

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