Obi Cubana Talks Humble Beginning, Secret to His Business Success

Obi Cubana, the business mogul, has identified “discipline” as the key to his success.

The Anambra-born entrepreneur discussed his humble beginnings in Showmax’s documentary series ‘Freemen’, which focuses on the Igbo apprenticeship system.

The Igbo apprenticeship system is a traditional occurrence in which established merchants take on apprentices to teach them a profession, with the trainees eventually taking over the business.

Despite not having completed a formal apprenticeship, Cubana attributed his success to the ideals instilled in him during holidays spent with his trade-oriented uncles.

In an interview, the businessman stated that the method offered him lessons that “helped me in my own business establishments”.

The businessman stated that he learned to be disciplined, to “live within my means and not overextend myself.”

He recalls living in a boys’ quarters with his buddies and only leaving when he was certain he could afford it.

Cubana stated that he moved to a three-bedroom apartment before purchasing land and building his first duplex.

He also stated that he resided there for another ten years before constructing the house he currently resides in.

“I went to school, I didn’t do the traditional apprenticeship but I spent my holidays with my uncles who were in trade,” he said.

“I disciplined myself to wake up with the apprentice, go to the market, help in doing what they do and learn pricing.

“Indirectly, every holiday I learnt these things and it has helped in my business establishments because nobody is an island, you need people.

“The most important thing I learnt is discipline. I also learnt that even in the midst of the visible wealth, the Ogas lived within their means.

“When I started my own business, I was living in a boy’s quarters, actually I was sharing with my friends.

“But when I felt I could afford it, I moved to a 3-bedroom flat. I got married and had my first two kids there.

“When I felt I had landed enough, I bought a land and built my first duplex and I lived there for 10 years. And when I felt I had grown enough, I built this particular one that everybody knows where I live right now and it might not be the last.

“So the most important thing is to discipline yourself and not do pass yourself.”

Born Obi Iyiegbu, Cubana became very popular in 2021 after he buried his mother in grand style.

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