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A Quick Look At The Edochie’s Family

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pete edochie


In this article, we will focus on the real details of who Pete Edochie’s wife and children are. So, if you are his big fan, then read on. You will be surprised.


Pete Edochie

This seventy-year-old man is a famous actor who still draws attention of numerous fans. He actually has enriched the days of Nigerian cinematography with his enormous talent. He started his acting career when he was only twenty years old.

He began as an assistant and grew fast to the position of the Director of the filming stage. His filmography is truly overwhelming, and he appears in several films every year.


Among other latest news from his life we know that was kidnapped eight years ago but was released soon after that. He did not suffer any harm only the moral stress. However, even after that he still remains on stage.

As he was paid for playing different roles in the movies much, Nigerian authorities banned him and other eight actors from filming for the high rates they had set for their performance.

However, after a year of being banned from the stage, he got back on track. Now he remains the prominent actor of the Nigerian cinematography.

Pete Edochie’s family

We do not know exactly when he’s got married, but we do know that he has been married for almost fifty years now. He has six children and seems to be extremely happy with what he has in his family life.

He is now not only a father but also a grandfather of several amazing grandchildren.

Pete Edochie’s wife

Pete Edochie's wife

A wife of this man is called Josephine Edochie. She is still his lovely sweetheart.

Once, when he was asked whether he wanted to have another woman since it had been such a long-lasting marriage that he might have considered start looking for someone else out there. He answered that he did not want anyone else whatsoever.

His words were as follows: “I married early and had remained married since then. Why am I looking for a second wife? I married a woman who gave me six children, what could I possibly be looking for in another woman that I didn’t get from this woman? There is no reason for it”.

Recently someone spread the rumours that Pete Edochie’s wife’s name was Rita Edochie. She is another Nollywood actress, quite famous in her own circles.

The thing is that his real wife rarely shows up on the screen, so the fans have figured that this woman who carries the same last name is indeed Pete Edochie’s wife.

However, after the journalists contacted her for more details, she stated that she was married to Pete’s younger brother.

And since they all come from an Igbo tradition, she can be called his wife too, as the tradition states that if anything happens to his younger brother, Pete will have to take care of his family. But in reality, she is married to a different man.

Here is what she exactly said about this rumour: “Of course, he is still my husband, according to Igbo tradition. Since he is an elder in my husband’s family, he is still my husband. But he is not the one doing the job.”

Pete Edochie’s children

From the information above, you have probably figured it out that he has six children. Some of them chose another, not acting professions, while two sons of Pete Edochie decided to follow father’s footsteps and joined show business.

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Their names are Linc and Yul Edochie. They are both in Nollywood. Linc is not only an actor but also a writer, director, master of ceremony, artist, husband and father.

Due to his Twitter profile (which as we can say he does not use a lot) we can state that he is a believer. And no wonder: his father is a Catholic Christian, like his whole family.

However, he seems to be more open to the protestant teaching.

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Meanwhile, another Pete Edochie’s son, Yul Edochie, is a famous actor. He is married and has three children.

His first film he appeared in was “The Exquires.” He worked together with celebrities like Late Justus Esiri and Enebeli Elebuwa in it.


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