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UNN Secondary School Wins Chevening Science Competition

The University of Nigeria (UNN) Secondary School has been granted a N200,000 scholarship prize for winning the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF) science competition.

The Chevening Alumni Association of Nigeria (CAAN) organized a two-day science competition at the University of Nigeria, Enugu.

Over fifty teachers were retrained as part of the Chevening science teachers training session.

Thirty secondary schools from across the state competed, with each sending three representatives.

The winner was the University of Nigeria Secondary School, Enugu Campus.

The campus was awarded N200,000 and other prizes such as eco-bags, school bags, and writing materials.

Okolie Chigozie, Ugwuegbu Precious and Chinazam Ugbozor were the representatives of the winning school.

Okere Kosi Richards, Chibata Chinaza, and Akinoso Lope Elizabeth of Holy Rosary Secondary School took the second position with a scholarship prize of N100,000.

Third and fourth place went to Command Day Secondary School and Federal Government College, respectively.

The Chevening Science Competition for the Southeast is being run in collaboration with the Inspired Initiative for Inclusive Education in Nigeria, according to Lucky Nonyelum, the project manager.

According to Nonyelum, the program’s goal is to develop scientific literacy and the use of scientific ideas in problem solving among pupils.

One of the competition’s winners, Chinazam Ogbozor, hailed the exercise as a true platform for pupils to broaden their knowledge.

Holy Rosary Secondary School spokeswoman Chibata Chinaza stated the process was fair and open.

The girl credited her school’s accomplishment as runner-up to teamwork and congratulated the event’s organizers.

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