Why Using The Wrong Charger Could Damage Your Phone

Samsung has warned that using the wrong charger on your phone could damage it, and that damage will not be covered under warranty.

The warning extends to any fake or non-authorised accessory, said Samsung, as these might also damage your handset.

This damage will not be covered by any of its warranties, including the accidental damage from handling warranty.

Samsung said using an original Samsung charger, preferably overnight, is the best way to charge a Samsung smartphone.

However, it warned that while new devices cut off charging when the battery reaches 100%, you should use a surge protector to avoid damage that could result from a power failure.

“Consumers should avoid plugging and unplugging the device constantly as it may affect the charging port,” said Samsung.

Car chargers and laptop or PC chargers should also be avoided, as they have insufficient electrical current to fully charge the handset.

source: My Broadband


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