5 Lifestyle Habits That Cause Sleeping Disorder

Lady unable to sleep

A sleeping disorder basically put is the point at which the brain remains wakeful (making it troublesome for the body to ‘shut down’)! Sleeping disorder is as well known as ‘insomnia’ or ‘sleeplessness.

People with sleeping disorder are unable to sleep, they rarely get enough or restful sleep so they usually never wake up refreshed. This can become chronic over time.

It’s a common type of sleep disorder that can be managed and cured but most times lifestyle habits and a few slips are actual reasons insomnia occur and if they are properly managed it  may soon be replaced with a restful night.

1. Gadgets

Gadgets from mobile phones, Ipad, laptop/computers etc held especially late in bed are known causes of insomnia! Studies revealed smartphone users are exposed to radiation that makes falling asleep difficult as well as disrupt sleep patterns enough to disallow deep sleep.

2. Over thinking (especially before going to bed)

When thoughts are actively going through the brain, trying to process work for the next day etc the brain stays fully awake and alert making the body unable to ‘go to sleep’ or get a restful sleep.


Overthinking especially before going to bed causes insomnia

3. Caffeine

(Over) dependence on caffeine is a major cause of insomnia. Caffeine contains stimulants that leaves the body awake (temporarily)constantly creating a surge of energy even when the body needs to take a break and when it’s taken continuously, it messes with the entire system.

4. Irregular sleeping pattern

Not having a sleeping pattern contributes largely to insomnia. When the body doesn’t have a ‘habitual’ sleep and wake up time, the result could be inability to sleep instead adopt a sleeping pattern that helps the body get a goodnight rest often.

5. Depression and Anxiety

People with depression and anxiety also suffer from insomnia. Tension, worrying excessively and over sensitivity can get in the way of good sleep.


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