5 Things That Shows President Buhari’s Administration Is The same As Jonathan’s

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Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole yesterday said that, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under President Goodluck Jonathan squandered the resources of the country and that Nigeria would have collapsed if Jonathan had won. While some will agree with the governor, others would disagree. In lieu of this, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together factual reasons why the current administration should focus on rebuilding Nigeria instead of constantly blaming the past administration…

– More than six months into the Buhari led administration, Boko Haram is still wrecking havoc as freely as before in the North-east.

– Nigerians just like in the Jonathan administration are suffering from the harsh realities of fuel scarcity.

– There is still mass youth unemployment in Nigeria. The same people who canvassed and massively voted for this government.

– The Naira is getting weaker against other foreign currencies by the minute.

– Power is still as epileptic as it was during the past administration and Nigeria is still far away from the dream of uninterrupted power supply as promised by this administration.

This administration has to hit the ground running, enough of the excuses> Nigerians want action and not noise.

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