Check Out These Important Keys To Long Life And Wellness


A lot of what we do in our early days affects the quality of life we live in our older years. If we pay attention to these four important aspects of our lives, we’ll enjoy the older years:


Even science supports the strong link between faith, spirituality, and wellness. It’s important to be of service to others, whether it be family, friends or anything/anyone who reaches out for help. What happens is you and your descendants live a long joyful life, driven by faith and beliefs.


To live a more energetic life in your older years, it’s vital be supported by an optimal lifestyle and environment. Family networks and relationships are key to wellness. Researchers are also finding that loving relationships are equal to, if not more important than, good nutrition and physical fitness. If biological family ties didn’t work out so well for you in your own life, create your own family with your own chosen support networks.



Harvard researcher Robert Waldinger, MD, is director of the 75-year-long, longest study of adult happiness and it is simple: Happiness has almost nothing to do with material possessions. Happiness is found in rich, satisfying relationships. Research also reveals you don’t need a lot of friends to improve your health and well-being. Having at least five good friends seems vital to both men and women alike. The larger the network of high-quality friendships, however, the better the happiness and well-being.


This means mental, spiritual, and physical fitness. Find daily, quality activities that involve the people around you, which you could do over and over and benefit from.

Incorporate these four key pillars in your life and watch things transform dramatically in your life.



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