Here Are 8 Symptoms You May Have Prediabetes

Who among us isn’t troubled by nagging little pains, itchiness, or exhaustion at some point? Life is so busy and stressful. These relatively minor symptoms may be easily ignored on their own, but taken together, can add up to an early warning of a bigger problem. Prediabetes is a perfect example

Prediabetes is your body’s way of telling you that diabetes is probably in your future, before it’s too late.
At this stage, a few key lifestyle changes can significantly reduce your risk of ever developing full blown diabetes.
And luckily, it’s pretty easy to determine if you have prediabetes and keep your health on the right track.

 Persistent tiredness

Feeling tired or experiencing fatigue often can be down to many things, one of those being cancer.

Both colon cancer and leukemia can generate this symptom. If you are tired more than what you feel is normal or for a longer period of time, seek medical help.

Drastic and unexplained weight loss

Drastic weight loss

If you are experiencing weight loss quickly and don’t really have an explanation for it, there could be a deeper reason.

Most cancers will cause you to lose weight at some point so keep an eye on those numbers.

Persistent pain


Constant pain that seemingly has no cause or reason can be a sign of cancer, especially if you are taking treatment but it is not working.


Depending on where the pain is in your body means it might be a symptom of a brain tumor, rectum, ovary or colon cancer.

A weird lump

A lump

If you find a lump in your body or are just noticing a thickening or “change”, this could be an indicator that everything is not as it should be.

Even though some changes in your body are normal, pay close attention and trust your gut instinct.

Frequent fever

Frequent fever

Cancer affects the immune system which results in a regular fever for what seems like no reason at all.

It’s more common during later stages of some cancers but it shows up early in cancers of the blood including lymphoma and leukemia.

Persistent cough

Stubborn cough

If you have a cough that just won’t seem to go away, there could be more to it than just your common cold.

If your cough causes you to experience pain in your chest, back or shoulder area – this could be even more reason to get checked out.

A change in bladder or bowel habits

A change in bladder or bowel habits

Needing to go to the toilet more often either to urinate or to release your bowels, could be a sign of cancer. Diarrhea and constipation could also be signs of colon cancer.

Signs of prostate cancer include pain when passing urine or blood in your urine.

Unexplained bleeding

Unexplained bleeding

If you start coughing up blood, this is a big symptom of cancer.

Some other types of bleeding to look out for and get investigated include bleeding from the vagina, or from the anus.


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