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Here Are Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Pumpkin Leaves(Ugwu) Farm

Get The Required Experience

Now one may say, do you really need experience for this kind of business? I will say yes you do because there are many factors which act as requirements to know in this business.

You need to know when to plant and when to harvest, when it is time to stake them, where to get good seeds from, how to get a suitable land for the business.

You need a professional in the business or you meet an Agricultural Scientist who will help you know one or two things about this business and how to go about it. They say Knowledge is Power, so when you know, you can get the best out of your business.

2. Get Your Land And Farm Tools

It is essential to get the land which you need as this will enable you to start up your farm. If you do not have a land of your own, you can go to the rural areas and get farm lands for lease for as low as #10,000 for a year.

Starting with 1 plot is good enough for you to start up farming on a small scale, and as you reap the profits, you can then expand by trying to acquire additional plots.

You should get your farm tools which will enable you do some minor work; like your cutlass, hoe, knives, watering can etc.

Also do ensure to check the fertility of the land to make sure it is a fertile land, make sure to select a loamy soil filled land because using any other soil that is not loamy soil would make you reap nothing from your farm, so endeavour to get a land that has loamy soil.

3. Purchase Your Seeds For Planting

After getting your land, the next thing for you is to get your pumpkin seeds. This is a section you have to pay attention to.

You cannot plant bad and expect to reap well, so you must try to ensure you get good, quality seeds from a farm which you know produces good Ugwu. After that you can then prepare the seeds for planting

4. Choosing A Location For Your Farm

The best place to situate your farm is in the remote area, like a village because lands there are more fertile than lands in the urban areas which have been polluted.

But it is best to carry your leaves and sell in the town or city areas, as this is the best place to sell at good prices with better gains.

5. Planting Of The Seeds

When you have prepared your seeds and you are ready for the next level, that next stage is planting of your seeds. But before planting, you need to make beds for the ugwu seeds to stay.

Do not plant just anyhow you please; you do not just plant it like you are planting maize or yam. Ugwu has its own specific time of planting and that is between April and May when the rainy season is just beginning.

When planting, plant the seeds vertically into the soil making sure the pointed edge inside the soil. Do not put the seeds too deep into the soil.

Also make sure to check on the seeds every day and water them every day, mostly morning and nights, or you create an irrigation system which allows the flow of water to the farm regularly.

Also weed your farm regularly like every week, weed the farm to get rid of any weeds that may be dragging soil nutrients with the Ugwu.

Get dry manure or fertiliser to put on the farm after 3 weeks of planting in which after the tree weeks, they are being transplanted to the main bed where they will stay and grow. Now you have to care of them specially to avoid stunted growth.

6. Harvesting Of The Leaves

This is the final part of the farm work, harvesting your leaves. This is usually done about 7weeks after the transplanting has been done to enable the leaves grow to a mature stage and have a green colour which would be attractive to any buyer. The Ugu then produces seeds after about 6 months of planting.

7. Marketing Your Product

You could decide to sell directly by yourself or decide to be a supplier to those who need it. If you want to take yourself to another level, you can go directly to restaurants, hotels and eateries that cook most of their soups with ugwu leaves, approach them nicely and request to be their major supplier, do not stress them or force them to take you, be nice about it.

You would also need some extra hand in the aspect of labour; you may not be able to do everything by yourself so you need to engage extra hands at a cheap rate, especially the weeding aspect.

Also give people your contact so they can contact you, to homes that a close by to you, you could engage them to accept you as their ugwu supplier, it would help you make some steady sales.


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