Why More People Will Commit Suicide Under Buhari’s Govt


Experts predict that following the recession that may probably move to depression more people are likely to kill themselves. The main reason of committing suicide would be inability to meet the basic needs of the people. At least two cases of suicides attempts were just recorded this week

World happiness report 2016 shows that Nigeria dropped from its 78th position in the World and 2nd in Africa in the 2015 happiness ranking. In the latest March report the country has been ranked the 103 happiest nation of the world, and 6th in Africa. Consequently, suicide was not common but all that appears to be changing since the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress-led government.

The federal government has on August 31 officially confirmed that the Nigerian economy is in recession. Sociologist Bello Ahmed tells NewsWireNGR that with the current recession the number of Nigerians committing suicide will go up within the next months. He said: “When there is recession and the economic hits people too hard, they opt to take their lives, take a look at society’s world over where recession happened, the case is no different. “So the answer to your question is a BIG YES. “Under the Muhammadu Buhari’s government, more people are likely to commit suicide and we will see them blaming the economy (with their suicide notes) because it is what is happening.

“Many Nigerians can no longer afford meals, not to talk of meeting basic needs like rent and paying fees, the hardship will get to that point, that is what happens in an economic recession, also do have in mind that a lot of cases will go unreported”. According to the expert if country’s economic moves from recession to depression, then the number of Nigerians committing suicide will also increase.

Just yesterday, September 1, a 50-year-old man, Chief Ekanem Edet from Akwa Ibom state, committed suicide by hanging himself to the roof of his room. But just before his death, the man wrote a suicide note for president Buhari. A day before this incident another man attempted to commit suicide by jumping into Mile 2 River, Lagos. The man, who was later saved by some divers in a speed boat, allegedly shout “Buhari, Buhari, Buhari,” while attempting to kill himself. National Bureau of Statistics said that the recession faced is worse than expected.


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