Top 12 Amazing Uses of Coconut Oil You Definitely Want to Know

coconut oil
coconut oil
When it comes to caring for and enhancing beauty, sometimes the best things to use are natural. From the oils to nutrients that we can get from natural sources, you would be amazed at the many benefits our hair, skin and basically our entire bodies can get from taking the time to nurture and treat our bodies the natural way.
One of these amazing natural treatments we can definitely benefit from is coconut oil.
You don’t have to have natural hair to have a bottle of coconut oil stored in your skincare/cosmetics counter. Pretty much anyone can gain from this wonder oil. Coconut oil is usually called the cure-all oil – which basically means you need to get yours today!
Below are 12 amazing benefits of coconut oil that we’re pretty sure you don’t know.
Check them out;
1. Body lotion
Using coconut oil as a body lotion is something I just started doing, and I honestly love it. Not only does the oil absorb into the skin easily, you can be rest assured that your skin will remain glossy and lush through out the entire day. It is even helping out with some scars from my younger and more reckless days.
Just be sure to shower really well at night, so you don’t have residue that could pick up dirt and excess oils from subsequent days.
2. Makeup remover
Let’s admit it, there are some nights when you get back from a tough day and taking off your makeup seems like climbing Kilimanjaro. I’ve been there too. An easy way out is to use coconut oil.
Simply dab a cotton pad or ball with the oil and wipe your eyes and face with it. The oil will take off all your makeup, no matter how matte it is.
Now, some of you may not like having that oily feeling on your face, especially if you’re used to washing it with cleansers and soaps. If you’re in this boat, you can go over your face with some facial wipes or just wash your face with your regular cleaners.
3. Stretch mark cream
If you’re an expectant mum or you have stretch marks on your hips, thighs, butt cheeks stomach or arms, you might want to take note. Coconut oil is also great for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
While the oil won’t fade the marks completely, it can help reduce the appearance and will soothe stretching skin during pregnancy.
4. Breath Freshener
Coconut oil is packed with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Check out our article on Oil Pulling to find out more. Swishing around oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes can help eliminate germs that lead to bad breath and infections for a fresher and healthier mouth.
5. Body scrub
If you’re all about the D-I-Y, then you’ll love this one.
Mixing coconut oil with brown sugar or coarse salt will create an exfoliator you can use to get rid of dead skin and hyper-pigmentation. The oil will also act as a moisturizer to soothe your skin and heal scarring.
6. Massage oil
Speaking of soothing benefits, did you know coconut oil is the perfect ingredient for a massage. Place some oil in a microwave safe bowl and heat up for some seconds. Take it out, add a dash of peppermint or lavender oil and gently rub into your skin. The effect is very relaxing and is another use for your bottle of coconut oil.
7. Lice solution
This is one I’ve seen in action. To get rid of lice, simply rinse the hair with apply cider vinegar and leave to dry. Follow with pouring coconut oil in the hair and letting sit for 12 to 24 hours. After elapsing the time, brush your hair with a fine comb and follow with a shampoo as usual.
8. Dandruff solution
Getting rid of dandruff with coconut oil is pretty easy. Simply apply coconut oil to the roots of the scalp day and night, and massage in. This is also great because it helps stimulate hair growth.
9. Teeth whitener
Here’s another oral use for your coconut oil. Get a bright smile with a coconut oil and baking soda mixture. Put some baking soda in a bowl and add some coconut oil, then mix. Use your tooth brush to take a pea-sized amount and brush your teeth. Don’t forget to smile – people need to see those pearly whites.
10. Shaving cream
Shaving cream doesn’t always have to lather. Apply some coconut oil to your legs or face, and shave like normal. It would give you a clean and close shave, and take away any dryness you may experience after a regular shave.
11. Itch/bite relief
Got an itch, or do you simple just want to get rid of a bug bite? Apply some coconut oil to the area and massage gently. Leave to soak in and enjoy the rest of your day.
12. Deep conditioner
Coconut oil is great for soothing dry hair. You can do this as a pre-shampoo to soothe hair before you shampoo, or as a leave-in conditioner to keep your tresses nice and moisturized all day long.

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