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5 Common Problems Every Twin Go Through

Siblings confront a great deal of similarity issues and that exclusive duplicates with twins. Here’s a gander at five issues that twins confront as a piece of growing up and additionally sometime down the road.

1. Identity crisis

Although onlookers might think wearing similar dresses is cool, most twins detest this. Identity crisis is one of the biggest issues that twins face; they are often mistaken as the other one. This creates a lot of rift between the two, and in most cases, stays with them even after they grow up.

2. Peer pressure
It usually happens with twins when they are in schools and colleges. Their aptitude in studies and the choice of friends is very closely noticed and monitored. If one has better grades and good camaraderie, while the other turns out to be a vagabond, everyone seems to be eyeing their moves. In fact, friends and relatives start questioning the weaker twin about his whereabouts and constantly pressurise him to follow the better twin.

3. Coping with competition

Most twins are characteristically different from each other and have complete unique qualities. However, if one is better than the other, it creates a lot of problem for the other one to cope with the constant competition. Parents, teachers and friends start comparing the two in terms of good and bad, which worsens with age.

4. Career choices

Although they look similar, most twins are poles apart when it comes to making choices in life. If one is a brilliant student and chooses to be an engineer and the other one, an artist, it doesn’t mean that they lag in any way whatsoever.

5. Who gets better with age

Although competition and envy take a backseat with age, what creeps in are ego clashes, concerns if the other one looks better with age and end up having a better life. A lot of these issues are never surfaced; it’s only the twins who experience these internal conflicts. It bitters their relationship further, and hence what looks like the ideal pair of siblings, gradually turns into people who hardly extend a hand to each other.


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