Quick Fashion Tips For Nursing Mothers

11150882_892899917433106_1002047284716979268_nMost mothers think that as soon as the baby arrives, all the clothing rules and restrictions faced when pregnant are finally over with, but no it is not.

Part of successful breastfeeding is knowing the right things to wear, being a new mother is at times complicated, overwhelming and full of emotions and questions.

Just because you’re nursing, doesn’t mean you can’t wear dresses or pretty things; it just means you have to be a bit more strategic and thoughtful when picking your outfits.

You don’t have to give up on your style taste just because you are a nursing mother .. All you have to do is make a few adjustment that will benefit both you and your baby. Here are few Do’s  and Don’t of wears during nursing.

Button up shirts are your friend. Any shirt with buttons is going to make it easy for you to get the job done, especially in the early days when you’re both still trying to figure it out and you need to actually see what you’re doing. It gives you access to breast feed.01ea236b532a9fbd0be57cbd85d91031

Say no to no-access gowns , gowns you have to pull way up to breastfeed or gowns with a zipper at the back.

Pay attention to the neckline of any regular shirts you wear when you know you’ll be nursing in public. Anything with a v-neck is great, especially if it’s relaxed fit.

Wrap tops or dresses allow for easy access while still being something that will always be in style and a closet favourite, a stretchy dress can do the magic, cause you can easily breast feed with those without much struggle.Marie3

minimal-accessories-on-jumpsuitSay No to jumpsuits.

Dungarees can be your friend, this you can rock with your button down shirt or tees.dun


You can always thrown in a jacket on your button up shirt if you don’t want to look too casual.

Say no to sequins, it can make the baby uncomfortable.seq




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