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Italy-Based Chef Tracey Eboigbodin Infuses Nigerian Cuisine Into Her Recipes

A Nigerian chef from Edo State who took first place in the 11th season of the worldwide cooking competition show MasterChef, Italy, talked to Channels TV about using Nigerian flavors in her food.

In an earlier interview, Tracy Eboigbodin stated that she would not conform to the preconceptions that come with being a Nigerian and a woman from Edo State, which are commonly connected to prostitution and human trafficking.

Before embracing her passion for cooking and participating in an international cooking competition that has been reproduced in more than 60 countries, Eboigbodin left Nigeria and worked as a waiter in restaurants for 15 years.

However, the chef stated that many Nigerians in Italy were changing this impression of Nigeria, and she encouraged more Nigerians to explore the country’s undiscovered employment options.

“In Italy, Nigerians are hairdressers, tailors etc. You (Nigerian women) don’t need to depend on men. There are so many Nigerians in Italy that are good. I have a friend in Italy who graduated as a doctor so the story is changing. This side of Nigeria is hidden from the citizens (Italians) so they do not know us. They only know the negative side”, she said.

“I think it is time to change the story about Nigerians, especially about Nigerian women because there are so many talented ones. They can give more”, she added.



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