How To Apply For Young Nigerian Girls Free IT Skills Training By GirlsCoding

GirlsCoding is an intensive program for equipping young girls in underserved communities in Nigeria, with IT skills.

These young girls will come from public schools and Orphanages and they are aged between 10 – 17 years.

Some of the skills to be taught will be Programming, Animation, Raspberry pi and User Interface design. After their training, they will also be placed on Internships and connected to Female Tech Mentors to guide them in life and educational choices.

The major aim of the GirlsCoding programme is to equip young girls with functional I.T skills for the purpose of economic independence. GirlsCoding believes that training them at an early age as well as mentoring them to believe in a potential greater than their best influences or environment will give them a better chance at succeeding.

“We believe every young girl should have equal opportunity as their male counterpart thereby bringing about gender equality and empowering young girls as they grow to be younger women”, says Abisoye Ajayi, GirlsCoding coordinator.


GirlsCoding is an initiative of Pearls Africa, an organization that empowers women and children in poor communities, and is fully funded by the United States Mission in Nigeria

This training is free of charge. You can apply here. Application closes on the 30th of Dec, 2015


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