5 Reasons To Support Made in Nigeria

The discussion for promoting the hashtag, #MadeInNigeria started on Thursday. As a follow up to the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira, we decided to sample the opinion of our readers. As you read down, you are going to repeatedly come across the five reasons why every Nigerian should #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira.

It started thus:


Economists have confirmed that trading within the country goes a long way to boost the economy of such a country. As I was thinking about the trending hashtag, #MadeInNigeria, I began to think that despite the large number of people showing support for the initiative, there are definitely people on the other side who don’t.

  1. Benefits of #MadeInNigeria
  2. 1. It stimulates the local economy
  3. 2. It helps locals keep their jobs
  4. 3. Local businesses give back locally
  5. 4. It’s good for the environment
  6. 5. It promotes a sense of community

…Of a truth, they have their reasons and I won’t attempt to say anything about that.
However, according to Mother Nature Network, the benefits of supporting local businesses run deeper than merely putting money back into the local economy.






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