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Former Tennis Star, Boris Becker Lost £100million To A Nigerian Oil Deal

Boris Becker

Former Tennis Star, Boris Becker lost a huge part of his £100million fortune investing in a shady Nigerian Oil deal.

According to a top German news magazine, Der Spiegel, the former star was involved in a dubious deal between a Canadian firm and a Nigerian employee of Becker.

The documents revealed that Becker had major shares in an oil producing and servicing firm in Nigeria, the deal was cut off after the oil price crippled the Nigerian economy.

According to his lawyer, John Briggs, the former Wimbledon champion was not very good with his finances.

Boris Becker, who has 6 grand slam titles to his name, began his grace to grass story after he paid £20million to his first wife, Barbara for paternity and divorce settlements.

He similarly had to settle a Russian model, Angela Ermakova, who also has a baby for him.

The former star was also ordered to pay £2.5million for tax evasion.


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