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Seun Adeojo Alaba also known as Desoji Arts. (A fast rising Creative Artist in LAGOS) was in an interview conducted by Eunice Oche; Stars Connect Correspondent. He was born and brought up in Lagos; born on 24th April, 1992. He studied Law at Houdegbe North America University, Republic of Benin. He started his secondary school education in Mayflower Secondary school, Ogun State.(JSS1 – SS1) before changing to a private school in Lagos to complete his secondary school education (SS2- SS3)

 The Interview

We warmly welcome you to Jetheights Services; we are an IT Solutions, Advertisement and Human Resource company, currently operating in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. We currently own and effectively run more than 16 websites which are fully operational and gaining massive momentum. Now, this is Stars Connect Studio a subsidiary of Jetheights services, Stars Connect network is a programme that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, inspirational speakers, pastors, and leaders in the society, upcoming artistes, NGOs, people giving back to the society and the world at large.

Once again welcome and it’s great to have you on Stars Connect.

Desoji Arts: Thank you.

Tell us more about you?

Desoji Arts: My name is Adeojo Oluwaseun Alaba. I’m a graduate of law from Houdegbe North American University, Republic of Benin. I’m also into Art and my brand name is “Desoji Arts”; we are into creative portrait, general printing and graphic design.

How did you come to know about your Creativity?

Desoji Art: Growing up, I tend to realise that by the grace of God I was able to draw creatively. My professional Art work started in 2010; back then, I was waiting on admission and then my elder Adeojo Taiwo advised I learn more about Art works, but was reluctant because I was trusting God for Admission. She insisted, and my mum also advised I should do it and that is how it all started. I later gained Admission in 2012 though.

How did you come about your brand name Desoji Arts?

Desoji Arts: As usual my sister inspired it, but we thought about it together though. We wanted something unique, so we cut Adesoji which is one of my names to Desoji Arts. I used Adeojo Oluwaseun Alaba in all my certificates, So that why I decided to use a name different from what people know.


Desoji Art with Jetheights CEO, Mr Ayo Alex Alao

What really motivates you?

Desoji Arts: Helping people and desire to be fulfilled. I want to use my art works to reach out to someone, and also express feelings to one another. I write as well, and I have a series coming out soon. I intends to complement the write ups with some graphics works for my audience to have a graphical picture of what it looks like.


Desoji Arts with Jetheights Staffs

What’s your vision for Art work?

Desoji Arts: I see myself owning a gallery, an exhibition centre, where various artists from all over the world and lovers of art can come to view, buy and enjoy the brilliance of art works by the special grace of God. I will also be fulfilled when people are ministered, motivated and inspired to through Desoji Arts.

 What’s your greatest Achievement?

Desoji Arts: Concerning my Art works, I have notable ones, and like I said with the vision of bringing fulfilment through creativity let me mention just one of it. There’s one that happened of recent in December(2015),I was supposed to host an exhibition in an event at Republic of Benin, but due to time I couldn’t, and that day I  met one of the most celebrated comedian in Benin republic who saw my art works and was really interested so he said he wants to get one of it. And his mum birthday was about some days ahead I will call it one of my greatest achievements because in the cause of my carrier I  have never being there when the art works are being presented to the 3rd party. But on that day, I  was there to witness the presentation of my work. He presented it to his mum; his mum was so happy. I felt great and fulfilled.

What inspire you?

Desoji Arts: Majorly, I  will say inspiration from the Holy Spirit and my environment.

Which part of this job do u find tough?

Desoji Arts: The challenging part is the pressure from some client.


How long does it take you to draw a portrait? 

Desoji Arts: It depends on the complexity of the picture, such as the hairstyle and the kind of clothes the client is wearing determines how long an artwork will take. And it get tasking when a lot of loads of commission are piled up and you just have to meet up. But when it comes to a real commission I will need nothing less than 2-3 days.

Tell us how your normal everyday life looks like  

Desoji Arts: I sleep late and wakes up early, but I always start with my spiritual routine, which is my quiet time with God; and then some house chores and all the likes, afterwards pick up my sketch pads and draw. My evenings are mostly schedule for church activities.

Tell us about your family background

Desoji Arts: I’m from a polygamous home…but from my mother’s side I have four other siblings, 3 sisters and a brother. I was born and brought up in Lagos so it has been fun growing up in Lagos with my family because they’r wonderful. You know, you don’t choose your family, God place you there for a reason.

What’s your advice to upcoming young talented people like you?

Desoji Arts: Yeah, young people like me. I would say there’s a drop of greatness in everybody that’s one of my favourite quotes, there’s something unique about you. God created us all and he didn’t create us to be empty. For God to be detailed about our finger prints, there’s at least a drop of uniqueness in us and we need to discover it by getting close to our creator, ask yourself… what do you have passion for? what interest you?….Getting a mentor is the most important thing.

Who’s your mentor?

Desoji Arts: whao… my mentor , his name is Pastor Olaniyi Osadare.

Thank you, we glad to have you with us, Thanks for coming.

Desoji Arts: Thank you it’s my pleasure

Desoji Arts: This is Adeojo oluwaseun Alaba aka Desoji Arts and i’m hanging out at Stars Connect (Networking With The Stars). Stars Connect is a place to be…where you can explore, partner, advertise and grow your business.

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